Communication Arts

Communication Arts hosts a comprehensive curriculum that features student performances in video production, digital editing, school newspaper ( and yearbook publishing, literary and arts magazine publishing, computer graphics and illustrations, speech and debate performances, photography, broadcast journalism (radio and TV), and creative writing. Our goal as a department is to see that each student explores every element of mass communications through high standards in teaching practices. To this end, the students’ works in all areas of communication have been recognized with national, regional, and state awards such as Scholastic Gold Keys in Graphics, Film and Writing, as well as NSPA All American ranking with marks of distinctions for publications. Additionally, our speech and debate team competes on a national level.

Speech and Debate


        Shakendra Moorer
        Bethune-Cookman University, B.S.

        Shannon Owens
        Florida State University, B.S.
        Palm Beach Atlantic University, M.B.A.

        Jessica Samons
        Eastern Kentucky University, B.A.
        Nova Southeastern, M.A.

        Natalie Sharp
        Ball State University, B.S.
        University of South Florida, Ed.S.

        Alyssa Vaknin
        Hofstra University, B.A.
        Hunter College, M.S.


        Introduction to Computers
        Introduction to Graphic Design
        Computer Graphics and Animation
        Advanced Graphic Design, Animation, and Illustration
        Marketing Communications
        Video Production I
        Video Production II
        Video Production III
        TV/Studio Production I
        TV/Studio Production II (School Video Announcements)
        Radio Production
        Electronic News Gathering
        Speech and Debate I
        Speech and Debate II
        Speech and Debate III
        Public Speaking
        Introduction to Journalism
        Literary Magazine
        Creative Writing
        Advanced Creative Writing
        Arts Exploration
        Play Production and Playwriting
        Lighting and Scenic Design