Music – Strings

The string orchestras at BAK Middle School of the Arts rehearse every other day within the school’s block schedule, preparing a diverse body of repertoire covering many styles of music from around the world.  The curriculum taught focuses on developing proper technique while helping the student’s develop their musicianship.  In addition, ear training and musicianship skills are taught in music theory classes.  The orchestras perform at three main concerts at the school as well as district music performance assessments each year.  For more detailed information please visit


        Nancy Beebe
Bowling Green State University
        Florida Orchestra Association President
        Florida American String Teacher Association
        Past President



        Jeff Adkins
        Lynn Conservatory

        Laurice Buckton
        Trinity College of Music, London

        Tawny Mayo
        Barry University

        Antonio Rincon
        Peabody Conservatory of Music



      Chamber Ensemble
      Music Theory
      Intermediate Strings I
      Intermediate Strings II
      Advanced Strings
      Symphony Orchestra